About Us

Every year billions of rupees is spent to build country’s infrastructure. But coming out of the poverty has still remained a matter of distant dream, for us Nepalese!  So,  what are the reasons of getting stuck on this vicious circle of poverty and remoteness? What does it feel to live your entire life struggling for food? How do we come out of this darkness? What is the way to a better future?

We are “REVEALINEERS”, Engineers of Nepal sharing stories directly from the ground. We connect you to the darkness of the remoteness. We try to find reasons, with valid engineering justifications, about the national infrastructure projects getting hung up and showing no progress. We raise issues about the recklessness of government in spending the budget. We discuss about the effective strategies for an efficient infrastructural growth.


You cannot fool an engineer about the quality of the infrastructures that are built. You cannot justify the need of an unwanted project to engineers. Development, Prosperity, Change are the factors that drive us forward, everyday! And hence we are qualified enough to tell you that where the problem lies and what is the solution? We are not here for any kind of individual profit. We stand for an accountable, transparent and progressive nation!

We are the Engineers of Nepal standing together for a better future!

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